Thermal insulation mattresses

Thermal insulation mattresses (TerMat iT ) – are insulation covers, sewn in any size and shape, easily detachable. They are made of non-flammable fabrics, resistant to external factors, such as water, or oil. They are characterized by high resistance to high temperatures reaching even 1200°C. They consist of fabrics and filling, they are sewn with heat-resistant threads and fastened with various installation accessories. We ensure optimal insulation properties by selecting suitable fabrics, thickness and density of our insulations.

The main advantages of the insulation mattresses:

  • low cost (as compared to traditional insulation methods),
  • no additional costs during exploitation (recycling of disassembled insulation, replacement of insulation any replacement of shield metal sheets),
  • simple and quick installation and removal (and without the use of any specialist tools),
  • significantly facilitate access to the insulated element during maintenance works, and for system repairs,
  • can be reused (without losing its utility properties),
  • have the same thermal properties as traditional insulation,
  • flexible (perfectly adhere to any insulated surface),
  • effectively limit heat losses,
  • significantly improve working conditions (eliminate harmful to health),
  • perfectly protect against burns,
  • may be used in places that are not easily accessible, where it is impossible to apply other insulation types,
  • have short investment return time (only a few months).


This kind of insulation is used in the world for over 30 years (in various industries. It successfully replaces traditional covering methods. The most common are thermal insulation and acoustic insulation mattresses for any kind of devices and elements in industrial systems – first of all, to insulate turbines, thermally insulate fittings (thermal insulation of ducts for fittings and equipment), and as thermal insulation covers for pallets and valves. In addition, they are also applied in insulating:

  • engines,
  • exhaust systems,
  • dampers,
  • throttles,
  • pumps,
  • meters,
  • flange joints,
  • pipe unions,
  • magnetic desilters,
  • compensators,
  • heat exchangers.

All used products are free from asbestos and have been tested by independent institutes. For this reason, our thermal insulation covers are gladly bought in many EU countries.

Detailed product description:


Our fabrics are made of glass fiber resistant to high temperatures or ceramic fiber of various parameters. Depending on the operational environment, they may be coated:

  • with silicone
  • with polyurethane
  • aluminum foil
  • with teflon


Our insulation mattresses are normally filled with mats of rock wool or of ceramic fibre with various densities and thicknesses (depending on the operational temperature).


Our threads are resistant to high temperatures. Available are: glass fiber, Kevlar, or stainless steel wires, shielded to facilitate sewing.


Various hooks, pads, staples, clamps, mesh, strips, tapes, lines, ropes, etc.

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