Izolacje przemysłowe IzoTech Service


Izolacje przemysłowe IzoTech Service


Izolacje przemysłowe IzoTech Service

Iso Tech – About the company

IzoTech Service was established in 2007 as a production – service company.

We operate in the field of:

  • producing and distributing “TerMat iT” insulation mattresses (covers)
  • producing protective tin jackets for technical (industrial) insulations
  • providing services in performing industrial insulation

Our offer is addressed to all those who appreciate professional service, consulting, timeliness, and high quality of provided products and services. IzoTech Service welcomes Inventors, we provide complex service, starting from expert’s reports, through prefabricating necessary elements, to the installation. We treat every order as special, we always try to provide the Customers with services of the highest quality to ensure fully satisfactory final result. We work across the whole country, as well as abroad, and our products are exported to many EU countries almost every day. We ensure warranty and after-warranty service.

We have our own production plant equipped with specialized machinery. Our modern machinery, based on the most recent technologies, improves manufacturing and guarantees the top quality of any prefabricated elements. Our qualified, experienced employees are able to execute any order. Our wide offer will meet expectations of even the most demanding customers. We cooperate with many companies that supplement our services.

Please feel invited to see our detailed offer, and to cooperate with us.