Insulations for commercial and housing construction


Every insulation – thermal, acoustic, or fire resistant – is extremely important because it offers invaluable benefits.

Thermal insulations in commercial, or housing construction are obviously used to thermally insulate buildings, however, this is not their only job. They may be easily used to protect cold stores against heat from the surroundings, or to reduce major losses of heat in heating ducts as far as possible. For these reasons, the thermal insulations play important role in saving energy and caring for the environment.

Acoustic insulations are intended to provide acoustic comfort inside structures. In more detail, it is to limit sounds in rooms down to acceptable volume that does not cause discomfort in people staying inside. There is a certain noise level limit – 30 – 35 dB(A). If this is exceeded, it’s impossible to stay in such a room, let alone work, or perform any other activity.

On the other hand, fire insulations are intended to protect building structures, bearing in mind international and local fire standards. The result of this is the fact that elements made of steel must be completely protected with fire-proof coating.

The type of an insulation is not all. Also, its material should be taken into consideration. Its proper selection should be determined by the following factors:

  • thermal conductivity,
  • consistency (the materials may be dust, mats, boards etc.),
  • ease of processing,
  • resistance to moisture and fungi,
  • resistance to extreme temperatures,
  • resistance to fire,
  • resistance to chemical attack,
  • general life measured in years.

In our company, we make thermal insulations, acoustic and fire resistant insulations in residential and commercial buildings, such as:

  • offices,
  • schools and other educational institutions,
  • hospitals and other health care institutions,
  • social care houses,
  • banks,
  • stores,
  • restaurants.

Elements that are insulated are:

  • heating systems o.,
  • water-sewerage systems,
  • ventilation and air-conditioning ducts,
  • ceilings,
  • flat roofs,
  • slab roofs,
  • attics.

Apart from the above services, our offer includes also making:

  • complex electric installations,
  • alarms,
  • interphones,
  • safety measurements,
  • lightning protection installations,
  • anti-icing systems, e.g.. downpipes, gutters, driveways, or roofs.

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